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Possible Benefits of Black Pepper:

· Alleviates hemorrhoids

· Alleviates gas

· Alleviates constipation

· Improves digestion - just think, by grinding or shaking black pepper onto your meal, you may actually be aiding yourself in the digestion of that meal. How? Black pepper stimulates the taste buds, alerting your stomach to increase its hydrochloric acid secretion which aids in digestion.

· Alleviates loss of appetite - again, black pepper wakes up and stimulates your taste buds.

· Promotes sweating

· Promotes urination

· Anti-bacterial effect

· Anti-oxidant effect

· Stimulates the breakdown of fat cells

· Inhaling vapor from black pepper extract may reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking - this theory is still being tested...

· Piperine - an alkaloid found in black pepper - could enhance the bioavailability of some nutritional substances and drugs. It also may have anti-carcinogenic properties and anticonvulsant

Possible Negative Effects of Black Pepper

· Black pepper may cause an increase in parietal secretion (of hydrochloric acid - the acid above mentioned as an aid to digestion) and pepsin secretion and a loss in potassium.

· There is a chance of even gastric bleeding due to black pepper.

· Piperine may actually be carcinogenic (although some studies show that it is anti-carcinogenic...) and it might even have negative effects on sperm and interfere with reproductive processes.

Black Pepper also has great anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It stimulates absorption of several micronutrients in the body such as coenzyme Q-10, beta-carotene and EGCG (a powerful anti-oxidant).

In Ayurveda, pepper seeds are used in the form of medication for relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion. Sucking a few pepper corns provides instants relief from dry cough and throat irritation.

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