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Nutrients in one pound of Carrot

Calories           179
Iron                 3.2 mg
Protein             4.8 g
Vitamin A       48,000 I.U.
Fat                   1.2 g
Thiamine         0.27 mg
Carbohydrates 37.2 g
Riboflavin       0.26 mg
Calcium           156 mg
Niacin              2 mg
Phosphorus      148 mg
Ascorbic acid  24 mg

Carrots are credited with the following medicinal properties-

1.      They clean the intestines.
2.      Chewing a carrot immediately after food kills all the harmful germs in the mouth.
3.      It cleans the teeth, removes the food particles lodged in the crevices and prevents bleeding of the gums and tooth decay.
4.      They are diuretic, remineralizing, antidiarrheal, an overall tonic and antianemic.
5.      They nourish the entire system and help in the maintenance of acid-alkaline balance in the body.
6.      Raw grated carrot can be applied to burns for a soothing effect.
7.      They maintain good eyesight.
8.      It’s juice benefits the liver.
9.      Carrot is rich in alkaline elements which purify and revitalize the blood.
10.  The dried flowers are also used as a tea as a remedy for dropsy.
11.  Carrot soup is supposed to relieve diarrhoea and help with tonsilitus.

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