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Proactol is a fat binder pill made from red chili extracts. There are many health benefits in this pill.

Proactol, the fat binder pill is among the fastest growing phenomena in the weight loss market. It is said to be a 100% natural red chili based extract that aids in weight loss and reduction of cholesterol levels. This fat binder has been known to bind up to 27% of our body fat with no side effects whatsoever. Fat binder interacts with fat being digested in the stomach and binds the fat particles that are eliminated naturally through the body.

The health benefits of red chili, hot pepper, and capsicum, the main ingredients of Proactol are undeniably many and that's why chili is such a popular ingredient in almost every cuisine on the planet. Chili peppers are known to increase the metabolism, i.e. energy burning rate of the body and thus can aid in weight loss.

Red chilies are a rich source of vitamin C and A. Vitamin A an effective anti-oxidant that is good for the eyes and skin health. It strengthens the immune system, aids in bone metabolism and haematopoiesis. Vitamin C increases the body's ability to absorb iron from foods, which can be especially beneficial if chili intake is coupled with iron-rich foods like fish. The lesser ripe yellow and green chilies have lesser amounts of Vitamins A and C. Nevertheless, they are still a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and iron. You get all these vitamins in Proactol.

Bell peppers are a variety of chili peppers characterized by larger size and less spicy than the other varieties. They are also available in red, yellow, and green varieties like the smaller chili peppers. Fully ripe bell peppers have more nutrients than less ripe ones and are a good source of vitamins and the anti-oxidant lycopene. A link has been found between consumption of lycopene and reduced occurrence of prostate cancer. Red peppers have twice as much vitamin C as green peppers.

Nature has put some benefit in every edible thing. Nevertheless, if you take too much of the same thing it can backfire and could end up harming you. Moderation is the key. Proactol brings the red chili, hot pepper, and capsicum extracts in the right amount required for your body to aid you in weight loss while supplementing your body with all the required nutrients. Proactol is an organic fat binder that can be consumed daily.

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