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Spinach is considered as a powerhouse of nutrients, with high fiber content.  Due to its immense health benefits eating spinach daily will act as a building block for a healthy body.

Spinach is a good source of iron among all the vegetables. For an anemic person, eating spinach daily once in his meal will increase his iron content to a great extent.

Spinach is a good reservoir of vitamins. Natural source of vitamin A is beneficial in protecting eyes from different eye problems.

Spinach also contains flavanoids. It is a powerful anti oxidant.
  • It is helpful in repairing the tissue damage and to keep a normal health.
  • The fiber content in spinach is beneficial in a smooth bowel movement. People suffering from constipation are often recommended to eat spinach.
  • Vitamin K present in spinach makes it a good natural agent for clotting mechanism in the blood.

Spinach Leaves Health Benefits
  • In hypertensive people eating spinach daily benefits to maintain good vascularity in the walls of the artery. The choline and inositol are compounds present in spinach which prevents hardening of arteries.
  • Diabetic patient should incorporate spinach regularly in his diet. It helps to keep his blood sugar stable.
  • Eating spinach during pregnancy is beneficial to mother as well as the child. For mother it is natural source of iron, fiber content relieves her constipation. Vitamins A, B and K present in spinach help the fetus for its healthy growth.
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